We possess a stonecracker in the village of Zhur, we do smashing the stones into many fractions with a capacity of 100m3/h.In Shkoza village,there are also two stonecracker s with a capacity of 160m3/h. We provide, selling and transportation of grit for all fractions, for routes, concrete, asphalt throughout Kosovo.


RT company has a separation which has to deal with the separation and washing the grit into several fractions.


One of the activities of our company is the production of the concrete based to the European standards. We, produce all types of concrete starting from C 12/15, C 15/20, C 20/25, C 25/30, C 30/37, C 35/45, C 40/50, C 45/55, and C 50/60 with special additive. There are two bases located in Prizren town for the production of the concrete and one in Prishtina. We offer the concrete throughout the territory of Kosovo.


Our company is paving the routes with asphalt, as well as the paving the petrol stations and parking lots. We have the base of asphalt called AMMAN, production of the year of 2011, with a capacity of 220/m3/h, and also, we possess the apparatus which allows the production of the special asphalt with fibers.

Cement-blocks Factory

The Cement-Blocks Factory, our company is producing the most unique and the most qualitative cement-blocks in the market. We possess the new factory built in 2014. We are setting routes, yards, parking lots with cement blocks. We, provide the transportation of cement blocks throughout the territory of Kosovo.

The Side-blocks Factory

The Side-blocks Factory, our company is producing the blocks and other concrete elements of block, Such as blocks,side blocks,chimneys. We, provide their transportation throughout the territory of Kosovo.