Renelual Tahiri

Welcome to our company

Private Building Enterprise "Renelual Tahiri" was established in the beginning of 1979 year,in the villiage of Zhur of the Prizren municipality while production department was in Shkoza village as an independent craftsman. During the periods of 1979 to 2013 a lot of positive changes there have been done on the promotion and development of the company by increasing human as well as technical capacities. Now,the Company run out its activities in this places:Shkoza,Prizren and Prishtina.


Construction and putting into operation of Hydropower plant Orqusha with the capacity of 4MW in Dragash Municipality.


The opening of the RT PETROL Gas and Market Points in Prizren.


The opening of the Gas Station, Market and Restaurant RT PETROL in Pristina. Expansion and Increase of the production capacity of concrete cubes Factory in Arban up to 1000m2 / day.


Asphalt Production Plant. This investment was made in Prizren and the factory has a production capacity of 220 t / h.


In 2007, the company expanded its activity also in Pristina (Caglavica) with the opening of the concrete production plant with a capacity of 120 m3 / h.


In 2004, the company RENELUAL TAHIRI acquires the AK-Company lavender activities in Prizren. AK-Company initially provided services such as: washing, drying, ironing of KFOR clothes. Now the company has expanded its activity by cleaning clothes for the hospital and hotel sector of ROBERT KOCH INSTITUTE


Factory for the production of cubes and concrete elements


The new concrete factory in Arbana of Prizren with a capacity of 60 m3 / h.
Arbana concrete block production plant with capacity of 8 blocks at a time


Investing in the new Block Factory with a production capacity of 6 blocks at a time.


Investing in the Block Factory in Shkozë Village with a capacity of 1 concrete block. Establishment of RENELUAL TAHIRI as an independent craft store in Shkoza Municipality of Prizren Municipality.


Investing in Quarries with capacity as well as splitting grit into four fractions